Welcome to a forward thinking, award winning storytelling company that excels in feature film, digital series, corporate and branded content.

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In 2008 I started a company with the intention of creating a storytelling machine based on the concept of collaboration and rooted in a culture of “fun.”

I set out to create something different, that veered from the traditional path of seemingly, most of the advertising and entertainment business. I wanted to build a system whereby the people in front of, and behind the camera, were not the last ones to the table, so to speak and I sought to re-look at the "my way or the highway" perspective from the top down.


I love the name “Fresh Baked” because it implies something new. Something delicious that you are drawn to as soon as you catch a whiff of what it is all about.


Over the past eight years, Fresh Baked has written, directed and produced...
- award winning feature films
- award winning short films
- television pilots that have been optioned
- web series that have pulled in millions of viewers
- brand sponsored series that have proven ROI (return on investment) for some of the biggest companies in the country

- traditional commercials
- and internal corporate videos that set the standard for what could be done with a little bit of money and the right creative thinking.


Two years ago, I launched a creative development company as a subsidiary of Fresh Baked called The Incubator Studio. It allowed us to mine the artistic community and collaborate on original projects that would serve two masters; help those in front of the camera further develop their skill set and grow as artists, and develop creative properties that could potentially be offered to broadcasters or brand sponsors.


As we continue to break new ground and build new relationships, we’ve been able to maintain our two core values. We collaborate to the point where everyone’s creative voice is heard from clients to writers to actors to crew. And we maintain our culture of fun from the first time we sit down with a new project, to the delivery of the end results.


Our philosophy is that if we bring our talent to the table and make the baking of the project fun for all, it inevitably results in something delicious.

                                                                                           ~ Brett Heard, Writer/Director/Producer

A few of the companies we've been blessed to work with...