Just over a year ago, actor/writer/director Brett Heard started looking at the way film and television is made from a new perspective. What if you approached the creative process with the actors, instead of having them be the last to the table?


He decided to create an 8 week program in which he would put forward a TV series or film premise to a room of six to eight actors. Working collaboratively, they would decide which characters would inhabit the story, and who in the room should play them.


The actors were then asked to create a short bio and backstory for their character to bring to the next session.


As they presented their individual characters’ stories, a writer listened, took notes, asked questions, and made suggestions on how the characters might be tweaked. Then, with the setting and characters in hand, the writer began the writing process.


Each week (several days before the session) the writer emailed the actors the next portion of the script; generally five to seven pages. The actors had time to prepare the work that had been custom written for the character they helped build.


Every week, the actors, director and writer worked together to run the next section of the story. It was a fantastic opportunity for the group to dive deeper into their characters and the storyline. Together, they created nuances in their characters to strengthen the script, and edit out things that didn’t work. Most importantly, this built a tremendous chemistry between the actors and their characters, and in fact the entire creative team.


Fine-tuning the growing script week by week, at the end of the two months they had a well oiled, creatively fleshed-out project, with well-rehearsed actors who lived very comfortably in the characters they helped mold within the amazing chemistry of a creative team!


Then Brett shot a twenty-two minute pilot.


The Incubator was so successful, that Brett began adding new sessions, and now has 7 projects shot, packaged, and shopped to producers, broadcasters, and festivals.


With four sessions now running every two months, the output is on track for 24 projects a year!


Welcome to the Fresh Baked Incubator Studio!