Here are just a few of the projects that have come out of The Oven...

Parent Teacher is a short film that is currently submitted to film festivals such as TIFF and Sundance.

Because of that we are unable to screen it online just yet.

This pilot has been optioned by one of the bigger television production companies, and is currently being shopped to broadcasters in the US and Canada.

This dark comedy short film is currently making the rounds of International Film Festivals.


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Balls Anonymous is getting a lot of attention from broadcasters in the US and we're hoping to have an announcement very soon.


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This was the first project to come out of the incubator workshop. After a successful run on the festival circuit, it is now being shopped as a TV series.


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A TV pilot about a family running a Feng Shui business who stumble upon a loop hole of creating their own work in suburbia through "less than legal ways"