Our journey into the world of digital series started in 2007 with 165 episodes of the edgy female driven talk show Twenty Something. We quickly amassed 2 million viewers, but it was very early days of online digital series and there was no way to monatize or sustain the series.

We evolved into brand sponsored and product integrated series with sponsors like Johnson & Johnson, ConAgra Foods, McDonalds, Maple Leaf Foods and others, with fully trackable ROI success stories. It was the TV model from the 1950's reborn.





9 part series. Over  1million views in 4 weeks

16 part series. Over 1,800,000 views.

10 part series.

Profiled on NBC's The Today Show, FOX News,

Huffington Post and others.

With a keen understanding of what works and what doesn't in this space, Fresh Baked continues to travel down the sponsored and non-sponsored roads as we create both series and one-off viral videos. In the process we have established working relationships with broadcasters and distribution platforms like Apple, Amazon, CBC, Fox, YouTube and many more.

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